My Etsy shop

this is my Esty shop info, what do ya think?

All my jewelry is one of a kind, so far
I use parts from all kinds of places, broken clocks, watches, vacuums, old broken cameras,
and of course charms – new and old.

The material is everything from alloy, brass, tibetan silver to zinc,
recycled leather,
all the crystals are swarovski
and I use many different gemstones and wire.

The cords I use are black braided silk, ribbon (of many colors), black velvet, black leather, braided leather (of many colors), waxed cotton, combo of materials, chain of many tones etc… many pieces have a choice of cord/combo of materials, etc… just let me know what you would like 🙂

I would like to offer one free repair for the piece(s),
(if needed, hopefully not), you just pay for shipping.

Also, my prices are not firm, make me an offer, you might be pleasingly surprised.

Thanks so much for looking
commit some art

pf 2

2 thoughts on “My Etsy shop

    1. Thank you so much. Making my jewelry has become such a Love of mine. The look on peoples faces when they saw it at the festival was priceless. I’m new to the whole blogger thing, but I’m learning and having a blast. Your jewelry is beautiful as well. Thank you again. I really appreciate your thoughts.


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