A morning at the Golf Course

This was so much fun.

Compassion Beyond Ourselves

Early the morning of July 30th a few of us from CBO headed to the fundraising/golf tournament for Mother’s House, one of our partners, which provides a safe haven for pregnant women who have made the decision to carry their babies to term.  110 golfers showed up to support MH while simultaneously enjoying the friendly competition that ensured. Karen and BethAnn rolled out in a cart covering the entire events on the golf course while snapping pictures of the earnest players. Through BethAnn’s skill as a photography pictures were provided for the future use of Mother House. Naomi had the fun job of handing out the goodie bags, some of the contents of which were provided by Pharmaca, the company with whom another of our members works. As always, volunteering for a worthwhile organization benefits us all – the helped and the helper!

me & Karen (1)IMG_0143 (2)

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