About Chaordicwear – Making Order out of Chaos…

Up-cycled, One-of a Kind, Steampunk, Vintage inspired Jewelry you can Wear Everyday!

My life has been chaos and I’m taking it back and making order.

Chaordicwear = Orderly Chaos 😉

Making order out of chaos.

My jewelry is about taking something broken and making it beautiful and new again.

Each piece represents a new Beginning.

me half

Questions, comments, custom order requests or purchase inquires, please contact me


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All my jewelry pendants are one of a kind. I use parts from all kinds of places, broken clocks, watches, vacuums, old broken cameras, and charms – new and old. I take apart watches, pocket watches, clocks and anything broken I get my hands on.

The materials are everything from alloy, brass, Tibetan silver to zinc, all the crystals are Swarovski and I use many different gemstones and wire.

The cords I use are black braided silk, ribbon (of many colors), black velvet, black leather, braided leather (of many colors), waxed cotton, combo of materials, chain of many tones etc… many pieces have a choice of cord/combo of materials, etc… just let me know what you would like 🙂

Wire Wrapped,  Jumped, and Soldered


turtlesoldered pieces


I would like to offer free repair for the piece, (if needed) you just pay for shipping.

Questions, comments, custom order requests or purchase inquires, please contact me at


 My one of a kind trunk show.

I made all of my displays as well 🙂



also check out my RAW Artist video at


I was soooo nervous 😉

You can also find me at:





Thank you so much for looking and commit some art 🙂

Much more to come: crochet, leather, mixed media, custom designs…

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