Crocheted Table Runners

tabble runnersThe pineapple one is my design I made for my mom 🙂

the other one I kept, it is a doily pattern I made into a runner

I start patterns but I always change them or just make up my own, or it’s a combo of both 🙂 LOVE ITrunners

5 thoughts on “Crocheted Table Runners

    1. Thank you so much. I actually am not sure because I started 7 different runners before I decided to make up my own pattern. I was working on them off and on for probably a year, along with all my other projects. I always have too many “in the works” at the same time. LOVE IT!!!!


    1. Thank you so much. The pineapple one I made and I didn’t write the pattern down. It’s at my friends. The square is a doily pattern I have but it is not with me now. When I get it I will definitely share. Thanks so much for commenting. I love it. 😀


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